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0401 536 250

24 Coolibah Rd, Gaven QLD 4211, Australia

Reviewed on February 6, 2013. #1 of 8 Reviews

Karen sent out a request recently for waxing 'models'. I was due to get some waxing done before some ultrasound screenings. So to me, it was perfect timing!! I had not had any waxing done by Karen before, however, I was very well aware of the brilliant reputation that she had. Karen had her student "Mel" at the consultation. Karen was very thorough in her paperwork (very impressed!!). I learnt a lot about the form that I had filled in (badly I must say!!). I didn't realise that although I thought certain things were not important, they really were to Karen, and to her giving me the very best treatments. Mel was in charge of the waxing procedure from the start to the finish. I found out that Mel had not yet done a leg wax before. In fact, she had only waxed her finger in Karen's class!! I was not concerned at all, as I could see Karen was going to be an excellent teacher. Mel followed every instruction from Karen. I was able to learn so much about something that I thought was quite simple. I had no idea that my previous waxing was not done properly, and hence I had broken off hairs and uneven growth. Mel picked things up so quickly, that Karen at times, did not have time to say what she should do next - Mel had already done it!! I have NEVER had such an even and proper leg wax before!!! And..... to finish it off.... I got a leg massage!!! YAY!! I have never had that before!! I have been waxing my legs for over 20 years now, so I should be able to tell a good waxing when I see one!! Mel is an outstanding student, and I wish her well. I know that she has been taught by one of the finest, and I can see Mel's clinic being built on reputation alone! I would thoroughly recommend Karen to anyone considering leg waxing. I am looking forward to returning next time to see how much easier the job will be thanks to the preparation and consideration put into this waxing. Well done Karen!!
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