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45 Cottesloe Drive, Robina QLD 4226, Australia

Emmett Therapy
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About Velhalla Therapies

Laurice's EMM-Tech Easy Muscle Management (Emmett) is safe to use on anyone, from the newborn, pregnant women to the elderly and infirm (with medical supervision where appropriate). This gentle technique frequently gives substantial relief after the first session.

Some of the benefits include:
- Releasing neck and shoulder discomfort.
- Aiding headaches and sinus discomfort.
- Assisting back and hip discomfort.
- Improving knee and ankle restrictions.
- Offering pregnancy and infant assistance.
- Reducing stomach discomfort.
- Aiding forearm and grip strength.
- Improving body symmetry and balance.
- Increasing lung capacity.
- Increasing body flexibility.
- Increasing body stability and balance

Emmett may help to ease pain and discomfort and may also benefit many other conditions.


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