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7/581 Ross River Road, Kirwan QLD 4817, Australia

Townsville massage and personal training
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About Endorphins Plus

Jacquie Stone is passionate about helping Townsville people look and feel their best. Jacquie specialises in massage including, remedial, therapeutic and relaxation massages.

Jacquie also has a personal training background which focuses on fat loss, group fitness, boxing training and self defence classes.

Therapeutic massage is great for when you have those sore, tired muscles.
Your massage therapist has qualifications in remedial massage and can improve your posture and reduce the amount of pain you're in by correcting bad posture due to muscle tightness and increasing the range of motion you have in your joints.

Jacquie having a personal training background helps in these massage situations, as personal trainers are taught to find the reason behind your bad posture and gait. Some people roll their feet inwards or outwards and a lot of people don't even know however this can create sore support muscles.

Hot stone massage warms the body's tissues and makes massaging muscles easier. The glide of the warm stone over the skin is very soothing.
Which brings us to a relaxation massage, if you want to fall asleep or just relax this is the place to come. With the softest towels you've ever felt, soothing music and great massage skills you will leave wanting to go straight back to bed.

If you need personal training, group fitness or fat loss solutions call us for a personalised plan that will get you on the straight and narrow. Your personal trainer has competed in marathons, triathlons, boxing and kickboxing competitions, adventurous and more. They have done the hard yards and gained the experience. When you say you are can't go any further, they will know if you are telling the truth or just lacking motivation, they will know how to motivate you and they will know how to change your plan so you don't become bored or complacent.

Most people don't start their new lifestyle goals because they are too lazy or hesitant to make the phone call. Don't wait any longer. Start now.


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