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182 Fulham Road, Gulliver QLD 4812, Australia

Envision Health Naturopath Townsville
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About Envision Health

Juan Jose Polit (JJ) is a Naturopath and Herbalist and one of the founders of Envison Health Qld.

JJ graduated from ACNT College in Sydney & the University of New England in 2007. JJ has furthered his studies in the Natural Medicine field and has extensive knowledge on Herbal medicines, Australian Bush Essences, Tissue & Celloid salts, Live Blood analysis, Vitality, longevity & ageing analysis, Iridolgy, Sclerology and Nutritional advice.

JJ has an extensive herbal extract dispensary, where he is able to blend liquid herbs to tailor to your needs, which can aid in the treatment and/or relive of ailments.

JJ also has extensive knowledge in the use of Australian Bush Flower Essences which help target emotional blockages to help with the healing process.


There are a variety of test the naturopath can perform to access your current state of health. These include:

- Live Blood analysis (Heamaview)
- VLA analysis (Vitality, Longevity & Healthy Ageing program)
- Iridology and Sclerology (Photo of the eye is taken & an analysis is done)
- Zinc status testing
- pH testing
- Urinary Indicans test (Gut disbiosis)
- ABO Blood typing
- Blood pressure
- Cholesterol check
- Ketone testing (used to monitor fat metabolism in weight loss)


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