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306A Pakington Street, Newtown VIC 3220, Australia

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About HEALTH BALANCE Osteopathy, Acupuncture and Physiotherapy

Health Balance

Health Balance has recently opened its new clinic, welcoming new patients from around the Geelong area. We invite patients to call for further information on Osteopathy, Acupuncture and Physiotherapy.

With a focus on natural and holistic healing, Health Balance is committed to providing clients the utmost care and expert advice in treating a range of physical and wellbeing concerns. Our focus is on delivering a balanced, natural approach to individual needs without relying on conventional drugs or intrusive methods that often treat surface symptoms, while masking underlying causes. We recognize the body is a sophisticated interrelated structure equipped with an incredible ability to heal itself. Health Balance supports this healing process through a range of therapies including:


Focusing on the significance of the body’s musculoskeletal system, osteopathy works with the joints and muscles of the body to restore imbalances and deliver a synergistic approach to relieving problem areas. Supporting the body’s self-healing capacity, an osteopath treats the entire body including soft tissues, spine and nervous system using manual manipulation methods.

What conditions can it treat/assist?
Osteopathy’s healing abilities can be applied to a range of complaints including:

Back and neck pain
Sports injuries
Muscle strains and sprains
Headaches/ Migraines


Derived from traditional Chinese medicine practice, Acupuncture restores the harmonious flow of energy that governs our general wellbeing by influencing key acupuncture ‘points’ using needles, lasers or finger pressure. The result is a restored balance to the body’s energies, or meridians.

What conditions can it treat/assist?
Acupuncture has traditionally been used with great effects to treat:
Musculo-skeletal issues
Digestive problems
Anxiety and stress
Headaches and migraines
General and acute pain
Infertility issues


Physiotherapy combines a range of health science disciplines such as anatomy, neuroscience, and physiology to rehabilitate and improve movement disorders and injuries. Through a combination of exercise, specialist equipment and manual therapy techniques, physiotherapists diagnose and support a holistic treatment environment conducive to supporting normal body function.

What conditions can it assist/treat?
A range of movement impediments, and injuries including and not limited to:
Neck, shoulder and joint pain
Sports injuries
Lower back pain
Posture correction
TMJ (jaw) pain and dysfunction
Repetitive strain injury

Our practitioners:

Melina Conte
Caitlin Wells

Nicholas Conte

Marion (Mazz) Cole


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