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62 Ingham Road, West End QLD 4810, Australia

Lucy Holland Naturopath Townsville
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About Lucy Holland

Lucy is a university trained naturopath, from Southern Cross University in the Northern Rivers and now based in Townsville.

Lucy has a focus in chronic fatigue symptoms or can help you when you just have a lack of energy.

Lucy uses personalised detoxification programs (bowel, liver, lymphatic, kidneys) and treats digestive problems: IBS, indigestion, bloating, flatulence, heartburn, allergies and food sensitivities.
She loves to treat babies & children’s ailments, from the common cold to digestive upsets.

Stress, depression and anxiety are big issues in our lives these days. Lucy can offer treatments to alleviate these symptoms. Hormonal issues, including blood sugar abnormalities, menopause, prostate, menstrual cycles, PCOS and thyroid.

Lucy offers individual treatment protocols tailored just for you and your circumstances.

The process involves taking a comprehensive medical history and a lifestyle review. This allows for the interconnectedness between your physical body, mind, emotions, social factors, spirituality and environment to reveal how all these affect your current and past health status. Lucy is trained in physical examination and uses functional pathology testing to help get to the root cause of your symptom picture.

Lucys’ training will complement your current medical prescription providing safety and effectiveness in combining mainstream and natural treatment regimes. Lucy uses evidence based medicine as well as empirical knowledge.

Lucy is committed to providing supplements which are gold standard and superior to retail brands available in store, therefore providing you with the very best in your health outcomes. As a registered member of ANTA (Australian Natural Therapies Australia, Lucy is health fund accredited and continually updates her skills and knowledge through seminars, conferences and workshops to be able to provide the safest, most current and most effective, evidence based treatment for her clients



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I heard of Lucy through a friend and she had made a great improvement to his health. I was losing weight at an alarming rate. When I met Lucy I'd drop from approx. 76kg to 46kg, losing 1kg per week. This told me I had 3 - 4 months max. Lucy had explained all the antibiotics I'd been given had destroyed my immune system. Lucy gave me medication to restore it. Within 2 weeks I'd stopped loosing weight. Then started gradually to put it back on. Lucy asked for a lot of blood tests which my doctor laughed at, so I got a Doctor that wasn't blindfolded. When I got the test done Lucy reviewed them and suggested various medications to restore the balance, also tested for Diabetes as my sugar is way to high. Since being with Lucy over 2 months I've gained 6kg in weight, my breathing has improved and my energy level is rising. Lucy has given me a lot of hope and confidence that I will get better. This type of medication should be available under the N.H.A so all people can afford it and Doctors should be trained to work alongside Naturopaths to improve the well-being of everyone. Yours Sincerely Derek Ogden

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