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About Paleo Power

Paleo is derived from the word Paleolithic and represents a way of living and eating that is attuned with the ways of our hunter-gather ancestors. Paleo is about consuming foods we were genetically born to ingest, not the processed & refined foods that encompass the greater part of so many people’s diets today.

We’re passionate about living our best lives and our aim is to genuinely help others do the same. We LOVE training, feeling FIT and having enough ENERGY to fuel us through our busy day.

But, like so many we discovered that the health and fitness industry was being bombarded with quick fix, chemically fuelled supplements, protein bars and always the promise of ‘the next big thing’..

From artificial sweeteners, fillers, thickening agents, additives, flavours and many other unpronounceable enhancers, the supplements and snack bars being promoted in the industry were far from healthy, let alone consumable.

Knowing how difficult it is to find Paleo friendly snacks and treats, we decided to create our own.

Paleo Power specializes in creating handmade gourmet Paleo treats and snacks that can be conveniently purchased from affiliated gyms, health studios, cafes and other specialty stores.

Our aim is to help people live a life of optimal health, free of digestive & metabolic disorders, hormonal imbalances, auto immune disease, cancers and modern day inflammatory illnesses and allergies.

How do you achieve optimal levels of health? You start by ingesting foods that your body was biologically designed to digest and avoid those it was not. Foods that heal, nurture and nourish each and every living cell in the body.

We want to achieve cell regeneration and obliterate cell degeneration.

We are continually developing our range and look forward to sharing our stories, knowledge and products with you. If you have any questions drop us a line here or via our website.

Meet the Team

Santarita is a passionate soul who wears her heart on her sleeve. She loves to train, loves to eat, loves to nurture and is a bit of a resource where health and nutrition is concerned. Santarita has had an extensive career in the health, fitness and hospitality industries with much of her drive stemming from the loss of both her mother and father to breast and bowel cancer respectfully.

Santarita has also overcome hormonal imbalances, digestive inflammation and other, often debilitating gut related illnesses caused by food allergies and intolerances. In a nutshell – Santarita is all about obliterating illness & disease in today’s modern world.

Jason is an extremely passionate man with a desire to shake things up in today’s health & fitness industry. If Jason isn’t training, coaching or mentoring others he can generally be found a kilometer or two off the coast of Mermaid Beach, surfing, kite-boarding or mounting a jet-ski when he can. His love for the outdoors and desire to help others achieve optimal health and fitness has seen Jason achieve great success in transforming the lives of many.


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